Our ‘SELECT’ grade is a wonderful rich Royal Red color that exhibits fine clarity and eye catching brilliance.  Comparable to what many would call ‘AA’ quality, or better.  The stones are of a consistent quality to make great matches for your jewellery projects.

Our ‘RESERVE’ grade takes our already fine quality ‘Select’ rubies to the very finest level.  These stones have incredible depth of color and clarity, exceptionally vibrant and lustrous.  We believe our ‘Reserve’ grade ruby to quite simply be the best ruby melee available on the market, and are a rare

breathtaking quality one would expect to see in high-end designer pieces.

Our ‘SPECIAL’ grade is only available in some shapes and sizes.  These stones exhibit superlative clarity and lustre.  Their color will be one tone lighter, perhaps with a slightly purplish or pinkish characteristic.  These stones would be a great option for people looking for a stone that resembles the

sometimes more pinkish-toned stones that come from Burma.  You can’t go wrong with our ‘special’ grade.

In all cases – we offer a no questions asked return policy.  If you don’t find our stones to be of the quality we describe, you may return entire parcels for a full refund (no selection, please).

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