Discovery Gems & Jewellery is a full-service Gemstone dealer and Jeweller, serving both retail and wholesale markets. We scour the world to source the highest quality and most competitively priced gemstones to offer our clients. Our finished jewellery, loose stones & gemstone rough can be found here online, and at fine boutiques, jewellers & gift shops on four continents. Discovery Gems & Jewellery is owned by a GIA Graduate Gemologist.

A Journey in Every Discovery

Each stone mined and faceted and each jewellery piece manufactured is a direct result of our painstaking method. From the mine to your collection, everyone one of our creations is nurtured from start to completion, ensuring fine quality and value. Your jewellery contains a history and story of origin and location; from the miner unearthing treasures in remote locations to the final adorning art, we help provide you with the path and material. Take a journey every time you wear Discovery Gems & Jewellery.

Ethical & Sustainable Sourcing

We are committed to sustainable & ethical procurement by regularly visiting our colleagues in East & West Africa, Asia, Australia, the Pacific and North America. Here we build relationships with miners and wholesalers close to the source. This process ensures these gems are procured ethically and that the miners are fairly compensated. This provenance of sourcing also ensures your gemstones and jewellery will hold and maintain value while allowing us to offer materials at competitive pricing.

Experience & Knowledge

Active in the trade since 1982, Discovery Gems & Jewellery is owned by 2 passionate jewellery designers, who bring a depth and breadth of experience to ensure your needs are served professionally and with efficiency. Oke Millett is a GIA Graduate Gemologist and gemstone faceter, having studied with Master Artisan John Bailey. Mark Raymond brings a passion for contemporary and vintage design, combined with an attentive approach to customer service..


Oke Millett:

Oke began working with jewellery in 1981, when he was apprenticed to a Vancouver-based jeweller.  As his mentor's business grew, Oke's experience with coloured stones also grew, and he first began attending gem & jewellery trade shows in the late 80's.  In the 90's, Oke began working extensively with estate and antique jewellery - an influence that appears today with his design work.   He travels globally to seek out rough gems at the source.  Oke is a GIA Graduate Gemologist and a precision faceter.  

Charles (Chap) Riedel:

Chap's interest in colored stones spans some 45 years. His experience includes building lapidary equipment, mining, operating retail stores, lapidary work and jewelry design and manufacture. He routinely criss crosses the US visiting jewellers, working with hundreds of gem dealers, jewelers and designers. For the past 20 years Chap has lived in Thailand and worked as a gem wholesaler. He has a network of contacts in numerous countries. He and his wife own and operate a lapidary factory and a retail store in Thailand.




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